Strategy Work

Experience 2.0: Designing for Emotional Prescence
        New Moon approached me to contribute strategic thinking about what “experiece” means in the 2020s. Turns out, it’s less about a room of inflatable bouncy breasts and more about emotional connectivity (bet you didn’t see that one coming). But how do we challenge what it means to experience the world and change consumer expectation in its wake? Visit the whitepaper to read on.

Brand Strategy & Identity
        Coming to me with nothing but a notion, MM-1 was born to introduce the concept of microdosicing into niche circles before hitting the mainstream. Out it came a name, a vision and an identity built to last every stage of its journey.

Brand Strategy
        Casa Lumbre sought out to launch their own line of artisanal sotol -- and the folks at MATTE Projects and I helped bring it to life. Brand strategy and identity work has allowed Nocheluna to dominate the sotol space and introduce it’s history to the world.

The Flee Market
        Despite Converse, New Balance, Puma and Reebok all being based in Boston, creative individuals were not being fostered by community. Seeing this whitespace, I created The Flee Market -- a one-year Red Bull-sponsored event series fostering the city’s entrepreneurial spirit by hosting over 70 creators and startups, live music performances and sponsorships from a roster of local food and beverage Mom & Pops. 

Most of this work is safe-guarded. Please enjoy these playlists while you inquire for more details.


11249 — NY
Sr. Creative Strategist

Creative Work

“Waste More Time”
for Timex

How do you get a smartphone generation to buy a wrist watch? By telling them that time is just a construct and a watch is a flex of self-expression. 

“Meet in the Middle”
for Vans x Timberland

Two brands, one collab. Two coasts, one mid-point. Vans and Timberland met in Nebraska to show how East-meets-West style pops with Middle America flair. Motorcross, bloodhounds and some light pyrotechnics make the campaign unforgettable.

“Living Coach”
for Coach

Buying things we love means living in them unapologetically. For Coach, this means their covet-worthy handbags become grocery companions, shoulder to cry on, and containers for necessities that get us through daily life (the good, the bad, and the fugly). 

“Center Stage”
for Fairmont x
Universal Music Group

Music fosters community through a shared sound, a shared love, in a shared space. Armed with vocal powerhouses Debbie and Rema, this year’s Center Stage program for Fairmont and Universal Music Group did that -- and then some.


for Salomon

What does going “Sportstyle” mean if you don’t play sports? Aren Johnson from Manual NYC and Jess Gonsalves from Procell show us that Salomon Sportstyle simply means life in motion.

“Max Vallot for Merrell”
for Merrell

Finding center in Topenga with District Vision Co-Founder Max Vallot and Merrell.

“Adventures for the Unexpected”
for Vans MTE

A multi-borough tour of unexpected gems with Vans MTE and the girls who know New York City best.

“Platinum Series”
for Equinox x American Express Platinum 

Bringing American Express Platinum’s iconic access to life with  high performance lifestyle partner, Equinox.

“Worth the Fight with Aly Raisman”
for York Athletics

Celebrating the bond of community with activist and Olympian, Aly Raisman for York Athletics.

“Scenes from Boston”

Showcasing emerging and establish fashion brands in the context of Boston, MA for the city’s one and only concept boutique, ALL TOO HUMAN.

Work Graveyard
Rest In Peace

A collective grave for great work that died too soon.